PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — With the threat of severe weather in the forecast, many parts of Central Pennsylvania will be seeing strong winds and torrential downpours. The abc27 weather team is also saying that isolated tornadoes are possible.

So is it common to see tornadoes in August in the Midstate?

According to Meteorologist Brett Thackara, August is the 4th highest month for tornadoes behind May, June, and July.

“They are not rare for this time of year given the ingredients needed for them to form,” Thackara said.

The National Weather Service says that the key ingredients that lead to tornadoes are instability, wind shear, and an unstable airmass.

Instability is when there is warm moist air near the ground with cooler drier air aloft. Wind shear is when there is a change in wind direction and speed with height. An unstable airmass is also needed and helps feed the winds hear and promotes rotation in thunderstorms, which in turn produces tornadoes.

On Monday, Aug. 7. Thackara says that all of the ingredients are there for tornadoes to form, and that area residents need to take protective actions if severe weather warnings are issued for their area.

“We have good low-level moisture (it’s humid!), a strong low-level jet (it’s breezy!), a strong frontal system to help kickstart convection, and a good upper-level low to help with rotation. There is no guarantee that tornadoes will develop, but the ingredients are there so stay alert!” Thackara said.

According to the National Weather Service out of State College, a portion of central Pennsylvania is at a moderate risk of severe weather, which is the first moderate risk in the area since 2014.

For the latest forecast from the abc27 weather team, click here.