Beyond the Forecast: March 2021 Outlook

Beyond the Forecast

Seeing more mild days ahead of us...

Before diving into an outlook for March, the abc27 Weather Team looked back at their winter outlook to see how that forecast performed/verified. January ended up being drier and less stormy than expect, so instead that active winter storm pattern shifted into February. The high monthly snow for February was also enough to push Harrisburg International Airport to over 36″ of snow. Meteorologists Adis Juklo and Dan Tomaso explain the atmospheric phenomenon behind the atmospheric changes from January into February and if that could carry over into March.

As we have already seen though during the first few days of March, it does seem like we are leaving the truly cold air (or Arctic flow) in the rear-view mirror. More mild days appear to be ahead of us with opportunities for some precipitation. Are we totally done with wintry precipitation? Likely not, but any impacts should be relatively minor.

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