Changes to naming of tropical systems after historic season


Last week, the World Meteorological Organization said no more to the Greek naming of tropical systems. If you remember last season, we made it well into the Greek alphabet, all the way down to Iota. You are not going to see these names used ever again. Why the change?

It’s to prevent confusion. Last season, we had Zeta, Eta, and Theta all happening at the same time, which lead to confusion as to which storm was which. In addition, a lot of folks thought Zeta was the last name in the alphabet, but remember, it’s the Greek alphabet.

It’s the sixth letter used. Instead of the Greek alphabet, we are now going to use a supplemental list of names. If we do ever run out of hurricane names again, this is the list we are going to turn to: Adria, Braylen, Caridad, Deshawn, Emergy, Foster, and Gemma will be the first seven names used if we run out of tropical names.

This is not the 2021 naming, it’s just the supplemental list of names. Remember, hurricane season is only a couple of months away. Look for an outlook of this season later this spring.

-Meteorologist Adis Juklo

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