A cold front moved through the commonwealth this afternoon, which means colder air is on our doorstep. Still, we at least tied a record high of 75 this afternoon! After a stretch of unusually warm weather, reality finally sets back in tomorrow.

Temperatures will tumble tonight with highs tomorrow and Wednesday in the mid to upper 50s. We do warm up again briefly Thursday and Friday, but the real chill follows this weekend as a strong front plows through. This is the pattern change that our weather team was advertising a week ago.

A strong ridge of high pressure will set up shop over Alaska, reversing the pattern along the west coast of North America. This switch will allow cold air to dip far down into the eastern US. For us, this means highs by Sunday only in the mid-40s, with highs struggling to get much above 40 early next week. Overnight lows will be a headline too as temperatures dip into the upper 20s and low 30s.

Despite the chill, the lack of strong blocking (high pressure) over Greenland means a continued dry pattern over the eastern US as zonal (west to east) flow continues. It will turn chilly, but the core of true Arctic air will still take time to move into our region. The western tier of the state may experience a few snow showers next week as much colder air aloft moves over warm lake waters. The global weather pattern is starting to point toward winter, but certain pieces still have yet to come together over the northern Atlantic for us to see snow.

As a reminder, our snowfall all last winter was around 15″, only about a half of typical season. The ABC27 winter outlook will air Monday, November 21st.

-Meteorologist Adis Juklo