This month finished as our warmest October on record…and just like that, as we flip to November, the weather pattern flips completely!

Harrisburg has not dropped into the 30s yet this fall. In fact, we’ve only dropped to 43 degrees as our lowest reading which occurred back on October 23rd. The latest first sub-40 degree reading on record is November 3rd, which occurred back in 1971. It appears that record will hold…just barely.

A cold front will move through early Tuesday and usher in our coolest air-mass of the season thus far. The chill will begin to be felt Tuesday night as temperatures drop into the mid-30s for the first time. This is when the first frost is possible for many areas. Even cooler conditions are possible Wednesday night as winds settle, further increasing confidence in a widespread frost Thursday morning, with a freeze possible in the usual colder spots as temperatures dip closer to 32.

Through next weekend, it appears the cold air will be in no hurry to leave. Despite little to no precipitation, highs will struggle to reach 50 and lows will remain in the 30s right through the start of next weekend. Assuming a light or calm wind, a frost or freeze is possible each and every night.

Bottom-line: It’s time to begin protecting plants, and bringing inside whatever you can for the upcoming cold season.

-Meteorologist Adis Juklo