TONIGHT: Mild, Partly Cloudy. Lo 70. Winds Light.

MONDAY: Passing Clouds, Hot. Challenging Record High. Hi 94.

TUESDAY: Near Record Heat. Hi 94.

Today’s high hit 94°! While it was not a record, we are in rare territory. The next few days through Wednesday could challenge record highs. Plus, this heat wave that we are now firmly in does not feature much humidity. This also keeps the weather dry for the foreseeable future.

Expect highs near 94° for Labor Day and Tuesday. The record highs for each day are 93° and 94°, which seem attainable given the dry air and the sunshine.

We continue to heat up through Wednesday, when highs top out in the upper 90s. A cold front next weekend will thankfully drop us down into the mid 80s by next Saturday. Low stick around in the 70s throughout the week. Chances for some shower activity Friday and Saturday is something we’re monitoring, and we’ll keep you updated on the situation as it evolves.

-Meteorologist Dan Tomaso