EVENING: Cold and windy with a stray sprinkle. Temperatures dropping into the 40s. Northwest winds 10-20mph.

TONIGHT: Decreasing clouds and cold. Low 35, some isolated areas may reach 32. Northwest winds 10mph.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny, cool and breezy. High 55. Northwest winds 5-15mph.

Back to heating the house and wearing coats for the next few days! Many of us are now into the 40s with wind speeds between 10-20mph this evening. The winds last through tonight, which is actually a good thing. Steady winds will prevent frost from forming. In order to get frost, we need clear and calm nights. we still need to be concerned about temperatures reaching freezing overnight. For most of us, temperatures will be between 33-36 by Thursday morning. There could be some isolated areas that do hit 32 degrees, but it should not be widespread.

Thursday and Friday will bring more sun, but still breezy and chilly as temperatures remain around 10-15 degrees cooler than average. There is some concern for frost/freeze issues Friday and Saturday mornings. At this time, we do not expect any widespread frost/freeze, but it will be particularly close for some valley locations, especially Saturday morning. So be alert and take necessary precautions. The weekend will feature mainly dry and milder conditions. By Sunday, temperatures climb to more seasonable levels and some showers will arrive toward evening.

-Meteorologist Eric Finkenbinder