EVENING: Breezy and cold. Northwest winds near 10mph. Temps in the lower 20s.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear, cold and breezy. Northwest winds 10mph, low 15.

SATURDAY: Sunny and chilly. High 32.

SUNDAY: Light freezing rain develops with a glaze of ice forming. High 38.

A northwest wind in the wake of the snowstorms continues to push more cold air into the state. We start off this evening in the 20s and will dip well into the teens which will become our coldest night so far this season. The cold and dry air will allow for lots of sunshine on Saturday, but we stay cold into the afternoon struggling to reach the 30s.

Clouds increase Saturday night as we focus on light freezing rain that arrives Sunday morning. With temperatures in the 20s around daybreak Sunday, any drizzle or light rain that occurs will freeze on contact as it arrives near or shortly after sunrise. Light freezing rain continues for the morning and into the afternoon until we warm above freezing which may not occur until mid afternoon or evening.

A look ahead to next week shows plenty of cold air to start. We stay below average early in the week with blustery conditions through Tuesday. We become more seasonable later in the week with no big storms in the forecast.

-Meteorologists Eric Finkenbinder