EVENING: Mostly sunny and very warm. Temps in the 80s.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear and pleasant. Low 52.

TUESDAY: Sunny and warm. High 83.

Just two days left in May and we are not forecasting any rain for the next two days. So we our witnessing our driest May on record, a very impressive record for what is typically a very active time of the year with storms and showers.

Our forecast remains dry even as we start June. There is even a chance that we hit our first 90 degree day by the end of the week. Overall, this week will be dry, sunny and very warm.

We are keeping an eye on the weekend that shows signs of a potential backdoor front. This is a front that moves inland from New England and moves southwest. This could lead to plenty of clouds over the weekend with the chance for some showers on Saturday. Not a big chance for rain, but at this point, we’ll take anything we can get.

-Meteorologist Eric Finkenbinder