October Recap: A Historically Warm Month, And Mainly Dry


Warm days and incredibly mild nights were again the highlight...

It’s a new month, but let’s take a look back at October as it was officially our warmest October on record. 23 days were spent above normal when it comes to the high temperature, with only 4 days being below normal. Interestingly enough, the highs ranked only 6th warmest, so how do we get to the warmest October on record?

It was the unusually mild nights again! We didn’t even drop into the 30s and that’s only happened two other Octobers in our recorded history. Our lowest temperature last month was 43 degrees, and we’re really pushing it when it comes our latest first 30-degree reading.

November 4th, 1971 is our latest first 30 degree start. We are forecasting to drop into the 30s by Wednesday morning which is November 3rd so it appears this record will be safe, but just barely. In terms of rainfall, most of the month was quite dry. In fact, if you eliminated the rain we got last Friday, it would have been our 15th driest October on record but with that rain, we picked up around 2.5 inches total for the month which still put us a little over an inch below normal. We are expecting plenty more dry weather as we kick off November but temperatures take a big hit later this week.

-Meteorologist Adis Juklo

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