(WHTM) – The Northern half of Pennsylvania is now experiencing peak colors and some counties are beginning to fade.

Closer to the Midstate, there is still a lot of green present on the mountains and woodlots.

September was warmer than average and the first half of October remained above average.

Most of the area is still waiting for the first frost and our weather team does not see a frosty night in the forecast for another 10 days or more.

The upcoming weather pattern will also not be favorable for bright, vibrant leaf colors in the area.

Frequent low-pressure systems will be present along the Mid-Atlantic and New England coasts.

Cloudy and cool days will be common with this pattern with showers likely to occur at least two days per week.

This pattern is expected to persist into late October, which is likely to dull the leaf colors as we approach the peak of fall foliage for our area.

The warm start to fall combined with cloudy days and mild nights for mid-month could also delay our peak color by a week.