(WHTM) — Ian made landfall again this afternoon over South Carolina. The storm will continue north, spreading rain into our area later tonight and into Saturday. While it won’t be raining at all times this weekend, it will be dreary, cool, and breezy with temperatures holding steady each day in the mid to upper 50s. Total rainfall on average looks to be 1-2″ for all of south-central PA.

Here is a breakdown of our local forecast:

  • Tonight: Showers will spread into southern Pa after 10p, becoming steady at times overnight. The heaviest amounts are expected to be south of the turnpike. It’s a battle between moisture from the south and dry air to the north, hence why areas north of Harrisburg will see noticeably less rain than areas south. With some elevated instability, don’t be surprised to hear a rumble or two of thunder overnight.
  • Saturday: Stiff east winds continue during the day, but there should be long lulls in the rain. Steady, light rain is still possible in the morning before fading some throughout the day. Occasional showers or drizzle can still be expected though. Temperatures are only in the upper 50s.
  • Sunday: At this time we do not see a break from the winds. East winds consistently at 10-20 mph, at times gusting to 30 mph. A secondary low will develop along the coast, bringing us another round of light and steady rain for much of the day. Much like Saturday, don’t expect temperatures to get above 60 degrees.
  • Monday: Overall drier day as the rain pulls away, but the air remains damp as the coastal low stalls to the east. This also keeps breezy conditions around out of the northeast. Clouds/overcast skies will be tough to clear with showers still possible, mainly during the morning.

-Meteorologist Adis Juklo