PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Pennsylvania is no stranger to severe storms and even tornadoes. According to Ground Zero Shelters, an average of 16 tornadoes touch down each year in the state.

The National Weather Service states that more than 170 twisters have touched down in the Midstate since 1950, with Lancaster County seeing the most in that period at 35.

But how many have touched down so far during 2023 in Pennsylvania?

According to data pulled from National Weather Service public information statements and data website StormSell Weather, there have been 24 tornadoes throughout the state so far during 2023. This data includes preliminary tornado reports from National Weather Service offices around the state.

The month with the most tornadoes so far is August, with 10 tornadoes being reported, three of which were in the Midstate. This includes one in Lancaster County near Holtwood on Aug 10 and two being reported in York County on Aug. 7, One in East Hopewell Township, and one near Felton.

Fourteen out of the 22 tornadoes that have hit Pennsylvania in 2023 have been rated EF-1, with the strongest tornadoes being in Cambria County on Aug. 12 and York County on Aug. 7. Both of these tornadoes had an estimated peak wind of 107 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service.

Weather data website StormSell Weather states the strongest tornado to ever hit Pennsylvania occurred in May of 1985 when an F5 tornado hit Mercer County.