Brett and Dan show the latest forecasts for MLB series this weekend and for the PGA Championship. Plus, all of the latest MLB news and updates regarding the 2023-2024 NFL season. A little betting futures too for college football!


PGA Championship Forecast & Odds

MLB Potential Rainouts/Weekend Forecast

-Yankees @ Reds: Friday

-Dodgers @ Cardinals: Friday

-Cubs @ Phillies: Saturday

-Diamondbacks @ Pirates: Saturday

-Guardians @ Mets: Saturday

-Mariners @ Braves: Saturday

Mets/Nationals Rain Decision

Phillies Brawl + Bryce Harper – Thoughts?

NFL Schedule Thoughts

-Black Friday Game

-Eagles Schedule

-Peacock Playoff Game

College Football Futures: Win Totals Released

-Big 12

-PAC 12

-Notre Dame

ACC Uncertainty Ahead?