STEVENS, Pa. (WHTM) — Refreshing Mountain in Lancaster County, Pa.,
Is all decorated for this holiday.

Lights line the trees, buildings, ground — lights galore!
This year, Refreshing Mountain added 30% more.

Guests can park their cars and enjoy a Christmas light walkthrough.
Along with some other changes, this year’s walking path is new.

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At Refreshing Mountain, Suzanne Harnish manages guest services.
She showed off the lights highlighting pretty much all surfaces.

Harnish said, “We have all the lights, but we were like, ‘What else can we add?'”
Answer: an observation deck and wildlife center experience, which is pretty rad.

“You can choose different packages and actually come out and zipline in the Christmas lights,” Harnish said, “So that’s pretty exciting.”
And oh boy, all those sparkling lights sure are inviting.

But it’s about more than just viewing the brightly lit trees —
The lights also help raise money for local charities.

Walk around, have hot cocoa, then hop back in the car.
At the end of the lit roadway, leave a donation in the charity’s basket or jar.

REAL Life Community Services executive director Rod Redcay
Was at Refreshing Mountain collecting donations last Thursday.

Redcay said, “We have raised thousands of dollars that last year,”
And he was glad to return again this year, that was clear.

“We’re just so thankful to have the opportunity to connect our community to hope, and it’s because of folks that come out and enjoy.”
So when guests drive through the lights — fun for all girls and boys —

They can give money to a local nonprofit.
Some may think it’s small, but others may posit

Last year, the drive-thru raise $40,000 for charitable organizations
Which helped community members with the drivers’ donations.

“With 2020, with COVID, it was like, ‘How can we give back?'” Harnish said.
That’s when this idea popped into Refreshing Mountain leaders’ heads.

Harnish explained, “Everybody was really focused on community and how we can really just help one another.”
So the lights were a way to bring the community together.

“Now that it just keeps growing and people are excited about it,” Harnish said, “you can drive through, walk around, and do other stuff.”
With several different options, picking a favorite may be tough.

Running Thursdays through Sundays until January 9th,
Refreshing Mountain’s winter adventures are a fun way to enjoy a holiday night.