YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — The York State Fair kicks off on Friday, July 22. The fair includes concerts, exhibits, agriculture education, and, of course, rides.

The fair’s dozens of Midway rides are presented by Strates Shows, a 99-year-old family-owned amusement and carnival business. According to a release from Strates Shows, these were the most popular rides at the York State Fair in 2021, based on wristband and ticket scans:

#10: Zero Gravity

Riders stand against the wall as the ride starts to spin. Then the ride pivots vertically and the g-force holds riders in place!

#9: Starship 2000

This spinning ride pushes riders to the floor, and then when the floor gives way to the spin of centrifugal force, riders experience a sensation of weightlessness.

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#8: Dream Wheel

Riders can enjoy a great view of the fair in a family-sized gondola 72 feet above the ground.

#7: Wave Swinger

This giant swing suspends riders in basket seats that rotate clockwise as the structure rises and spins. When the ride reaches its maximum height, it also tilts for an extra thrill!

#6: Musik Express

Spinning and up-and-down motions take passengers on a musical ride.

#5: Sky Flyer

When riders reach the top of this 98-foot-tall vertical swing, the tower rotates and centrifugal force kicks in. And for people watching below, the ride creates quite the light show.

#4: Scooter/Bumper Cars

Bump, crash, and dodge other cars in this classic ride. Not a bad way to deal with any pent-up road rage you may have…

#3: Thunderbolt

This circular ride jostles cars side-to-side as they spin along with music.

#2: Venetian Double Carousel

This merry-go-round has been a Strates Shows staple for more than three decades. It is a two-story, hand-painted carousel.

#1: Giant Wheel

The 105-foot-tall Giant Wheel provides epic views of the area, and it comes alive with a light display when the sun goes down.

This is the 42nd year Strates Shows has provided rides for the York State Fair. The 2022 fair runs from July 22 to July 31. Learn more about height requirements for the Midway rides here.