You Can Do It: Concrete Repair

You Can Do It

Concrete is a very durable product, but there are many factors that can cause it to crack. While they may be just cosmetic, if left unchecked, they can grow into a much more serious problem.
Before the winter weather is upon us, it is wise to check your exterior concrete, and repair any cracks that you see. By using the right sealer, and by properly preparing the crack, you can achieve the desired result.

Use a chisel or a grinder to widen the crack to about a quarter of an inch. Use a wire brush and clear out any loose material. Wipe off any dust and clean the surface. You are now ready to apply the crack sealant. Pour the liquid sealant into the crack and let it stand for 24 hours.

This will provide a flexible, water-tight bond that will keep moisture from damaging your concrete further and You Can Do It!

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