You Can Do It: Extension Cords

You Can Do It

We all use extension cords from time to time. They are not, however, designed to be an extension of your home’s electrical system. The proper use of an extension cord is critical for your safety.

Do not overload your cords. This can cause excessive heat. Do not run cords through ceilings or floors. If you rely on cords for everyday living, you need to add additional outlets and eliminate the cords. Make sure the cords are u-l rated and approved for indoor or outdoor use. Match up the wattage of the appliance with the wattage of the cord. Never use a cord with a lower rating. Make sure the cord is in good condition and throw it away immediately if it is damaged in any way.

Extension cords are helpful and often necessary. Using them properly is critical to avoid shock and fire. And you can do it!

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