You Can Do It: Garage Door Keypad Replacement

You Can Do It

Many of us enjoy the convenience of an automatic garage door opener. An exterior keypad remote is a great feature, but eventually they can fail and need to be replaced. This isn’t a difficult task.

This particular keypad is about 15 years old. It still works most of the time, but it’s certainly showing signs of its age. We’ll remove the existing keypad and replace with this new one.

Programming it is more simple than you may think. Access the rear of the opener unit and locate the “learn” button. Press the button unit the small light comes on. You will have about 30 seconds to press your four digit code PIN on the keypad and press “enter.” The opener light will operate when the opener accepts the signal. Now do a quick test and you’re done!

Replacing a keypad, or installing one if you do already have one, is simple and You Can Do IT!

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