You Can Do It: Keeping Rodents Away

You Can Do It

This time of year, rodents like mice and rats want to get out of this cold. As they search for their new winter residence, you house might look pretty good. It’s warm, dry and filled with food. What more could they ask for? Here are a few tips for keeping those unwanted guests from moving in.

First, keep the house clean and properly store all food. There’s no reason for mice to come in if they can’t find a good hiding place with a 24-hour buffet. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly. Always shut the garage door. An open door is an open invitation. A mouse can fit through a hole smaller than a dime. Check the exterior of your house and caulk any small holes. Fill larger holes with steel wool. And put screens in any vents. All of God’s creatures need a place to live. But that doesn’t mean they need to share yours.

Keeping mice out may not be as difficult as you think and You Can Do It!

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