You Can Do It: Replacing Washer Hose

You Can Do It

Washer hoses are constantly under pressure. Over time, they can bulge, crack or burst. A broken hose can put up to 500 gallons of water every hour into your home. This failure is among the top five causes of home owners insurance claims. Rubber hoses are the least expensive, but they also have the shortest life span. Stainless steel braided lines are much stronger and reduce the potential for ruptures. Replacing your old rubber hoses is simple.

Start with turning off the water supply. Pull out the washer so you have room to work. Have a bucket handy to catch and water as you remove the old hose. Screw on the new hose, turn on the water and test it for leaks. Be sure not to kink the hose when you push your washer back into place.

Replacing your rubber hoses with stainless steel braided lines is simple and could save you thousands of dollars in repairs. And You Can Do It!

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